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Cinderella - Games for Girls

Brain Games

The famous and beloved fairy tale about Cinderella can now train cognitive processes in kids. This interactive story stays close to the original fairy tale but also comes with educational tasks and mini-games included in the story's plot. The game is best suited for girls 4-8 years old.Unlike most other games about Cinderella you may have seen on the stores, this game is not only fun for kids but also really educational, and will train the memory, logic, attention and other brain functions of your child. The game was designed by a professional child psychologist.
For example, the following tasks are included:Objects classification,Find the odd object,Sudoku,Spot the error in the pattern,Jigsaw puzzles,Find the object matching an example (develops attention),Recall who danced with whom,Memorize the order in which ladies tried the shoe,Memory game (trains memory),Spot all the differences between two pictures, and many others.
And of course, every girl will love to bake the wedding cake and to decorate Cinderella's dress. Your daughter will develop creativity and imagination while coming up with a new design of the dress or a recipe for the cake.
All mini-games are also available separately, each with 4 levels of difficulty.
The app has been translated to 15 languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Czech, and Turkish.